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About Alltransport

Alltransport is an expert haulage and construction group with a very broad portfolio of services and with Sustainable Business Practice as its guiding principle. Among other things, we offer our customers long distance haulage, distribution, warehousing and 3PL, biofuel haulage, gravel haulage, heavy haulage, specialist haulage, crane lorries, machine services, construction services, ADR shipments, bulk lorries, sea container haulage, sludge lorries and fuel.

Facts about Alltransport:

Alltransport i Östergötland AB is the parent company of the Alltransport Group, which began operating in 1937. The Group includes the fully-owned subsidiaries Sanero AB, Wilssons AB and Alltransport i Östergötland Fastighets AB.

Turnover in 2023 – SEK 1086 million.
The main office is in Norrköping, but the Group also has offices in Linköping, Nyköping, Oxelösund and Motala.

The parent company operates through two areas of business. One is Construction & Contracting, which is responsible for construction, environmental and tank haulage operations, as well as lifting and heavy handling services. The other is Logistics, Bio & Environment, which is responsible for long distance, biofuel, environmental and tank haulage operations, warehousing and 3PL, and which is also covered by the partly-owned OnRoad network.

Alltransport i Östergötland AB is a part-owner of TRB Sverige AB, where we sell fuel at five stations throughout Östergötland.

The Alltransport Group is quality certified in accordance with ISO 9001 and environmentally certified in accordance with ISO 14001.

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