Policies provide guidelines to all employees. These policies are determined by company management and are tools that guide the business towards its goals and visions.

Quality policy

The Alltransport Group shall acquaint itself with and meet the quality requirements set by the customer and partners. We shall continually make improvements to achieve maximum benefit to customers and partners.

The Alltransport Group shall achieve this by:

  • Offering services, handling and products that meet the customer’s demands, requirements and wishes, as well as always offering the most cost-effective solution.
  • Continually measuring and evaluating customer satisfaction with the services performed.
  • Training and informing affected partners with regard to the Group’s quality system.
  • Actively working to make constant improvements.
  • Regularly ensuring the quality of services delivered by systematically documenting faults and deficiencies.

Environmental policy

The Alltransport Group shall continually streamline and develop its operation in order to improve the environment in the long term.

The Alltransport Group shall achieve the environmental policy goals by:

  • Increasing the skills and awareness of employees, suppliers and customers.
  • Actively working to reduce emissions to air, ground and water.
  • Developing resource-effective logistics solutions.
  • Complying with existing environmental laws and requirements.
  • Setting up measureable goals and systematically monitoring these.

Work environment policy

The Alltransport Group shall make systematic efforts on its work environment in order to promote good health and well-being. Good health and well-being will be achieved through clear leadership, with all employees playing their part and taking joint responsibility for the work environment.

We shall achieve this by:

  • Understanding and complying with the regulations and laws of the Swedish Work Environment Authority.
  • Monitoring the work environment and continuously reducing the risk of ill-health and accidents.
  • Creating a corporate culture together where everyone can thrive and develop.
  • Reporting near-accidents and accidents to line management.
  • Continuously informing and training all staff in the work on the work environment.
  • Suppliers being familiar with the Group’s work environment policy.

Equal opportunities policy

In the Alltransport Group, we are determined to:

  • Work actively on promoting a good physical and psychosocial work environment.
  • Make it easier for all employees to combine work with parenthood.
  • Prevent harassment.
  • Investigate all cases of discrimination and harassment in the workplace and take appropriate action.
  • Provide all employees with opportunities for development and training.
  • Work actively to promote a more even gender ratio within our operations.
  • Provide all employees with equal pay and conditions for the same level of performance where the work performed is the same or equivalent and of comparable difficulty.

Road safety policy

In the Alltransport Group, we work to ensure that employees and suppliers are role models on the road. Our actions and behaviour on the road shall help to enhance road safety and reduce the number of road accidents.

The Alltransport Group shall achieve the road safety policy goals by:

  • Complying with laws and regulations.
  • Wearing a seat belt at all times.
  • Complying with applicable speed limits and adapting speed to suit the road conditions.
  • Continually carrying out training in road safety.
  • Complying with the alcohol and drugs policy.

From the alcohol and drugs policy.

Staff, suppliers and drivers shall be alcohol and drug-free when working. For drivers, the need to be alcohol and drug-free is obvious.

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