Impact on the environment

Monitoring emissions

Alltransport strives at all times to promote the most environmentally friendly haulage services possible. Emissions to air from the combustion of fuel account for the majority of the Group’s impact on the environment. Since the beginning of the 21st century, the Group has been monitoring and calculating emissions from the customer assignments it has performed. Many customers show an interest in and commitment to monitoring emissions, and there is collaboration in a number of parts of the Group with customers who, together with us, have chosen fossil fuel-free alternatives.

Renewable fuels and their impact on CO2

The level of CO2 emissions depends on the fuel used and what proportion of this is renewable fuel. Through its part-ownership of TRB, the Group has access to a calculation tool that has facilitated and improved precision when calculating CO2 emissions. During 2015, the Swedish Association of Road Transport Companies (SÅ) took over the tool, which has been given the name SÅklimatCalc. The Group’s second-largest impact on the environment comes from various types of consumption. The major types of consumption are energy consumption in the form of heating and electricity, chemical consumption and water and detergent consumption.

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