Sanero is a fully-owned subsidiary of Alltransport.

Sanero AB specialises in clean-up work in heavy industry and the construction and demolition sector.


Sanero also performs inspections of piping etc. Cleaning is done using vacuum suction, high pressure flushing, dry suction, ice blasting and sludge suction, among other methods. With some jobs, the material is ground and crushed before cleaning is performed.

ADR shipments

The company has a permit for ADR shipments and has extensive experience of dealing with customers’ waste and hazardous waste, whether the material is destined for recycling or destruction.

Mobile treatment plant

Sanero has a mobile treatment plant where industrial water can be cleaned on site, which means less of an impact on the environment and shorter lead times and greater efficiency for the customer. This is ideal for reducing emissions of contaminated water.

Cleaning during stoppages

The company performs major cleaning operations during stoppages in industry, allowing good forward planning and an opportunity for good preparation and well-planned execution.

Emergency assignments

Many emergency assignments arrive at short notice continually throughout the year. These place high demands on flexibility from operations technicians and supervisors. These people need to be able to adjust plans, schedules, resources and staff to new circumstances, while not jeopardising safety, quality and the environment.

Safety in the workplace

Like many customers, Sanero prioritises and works intensively on matters relating to safety. Through close cooperation and frequent work meetings, safety in the workplace is being continuously discussed and developed.

Servicing heat exchangers

Sanero are authorised service technicians for Alfa Laval, with 60 years’ experience of heat exchangers.

Facts about Sanero

The main office is in Norrköping and the operation is divided into three geographical areas: Northern, Central and Southern.

Currently, Sanero’s range includes:

  • high pressure flushing
  • sludge suction (ADR)
  • tank cleaning
  • dry ice blasting
  • pressure blowing
  • vacuum suction of crushed material of types brick, concrete, lightweight concrete and clinker.

Sanero are authorised service technicians for Alfa Laval, with 60 years’ experience of heat exchangers.

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