TRB is driving the development of renewable fuels for the future

Alltransport is a part-owner of TRB Sverige AB, which is a trade company in the transport industry in Sweden. Together, TRB’s part-ownership companies have a turnover of around SEK 12 billion and have around 7,000 vehicles and working machines at their disposal. The TRB network collectively operates around 100 fuel stations, with great emphasis on offering several renewable fuels with a view to switching to more environmentally friendly and climate-smart haulage. Driven by knowledge, TRB focuses on fuel, the environment and road safety.

TRB was originally founded in 1988. TRB has developed into a resource and skills centre. One task that has become more and more important to TRB is to support the part-ownership companies by providing skills and expert knowledge in a number of different areas. TRB is therefore familiar with the research and development being conducted in the fields of environmentally friendly fuels and road safety, for example. They are also taking part in research in close collaboration with colleges and universities. In addition, TRB has run a number of exciting projects in areas such as road safety, vehicle fuels and mobile data communications.

Since the start of the 1990s, TRB has been involved in a range of projects aiming to reduce the strain on the environment and improve road safety. For example, field tests have been conducted on new diesel fuels, evaluations performed of vegetable and synthetic hydraulic oils, an environmental declaration system developed for vehicles, and evaluations performed of environmentally friendly tyres.

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