Environmental haulage services

Hire Alltransport for your recycling assignments

With around 30 or so load exchangers (towing trucks), high lift dumpers and compressor lorries, we perform work for the regional environmental and recycling companies in Östergötland as well as parts of Småland. The assignments consist primarily of collecting material for recycling from recycling stations and companies. The deliveries may cover everything from glass and cardboard to hazardous plastics and metals. Our load exchangers (towing trucks) also operate many energy haulage services.

We transport hazardous waste

Transporting large objects or hazardous waste from one place to another can be anything but simple. Hire a knowledgeable contractor with access to trained staff and the right equipment!

Do you need to transport items using a high lift dumper, towing truck or compressor lorry? Give us a call!

ADR shipments of hazardous goods

We transport various kinds of liquid products for processing companies and the chemical industry between factories and end consumers throughout Sweden, using a number of vehicles.

We have a good knowledge of the processing and carriage of hazardous goods

There are particularly stringent requirements on both vehicles and staff knowledge when it comes to transporting hazardous goods. We have the right resources, extensive experience and good knowledge for handling and transporting hazardous goods.

We handle and perform interim storage of your residual products on our environmental protection plate.

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