Road safety

A role model on the road

Alltransport’s aim is to be a role model on the road, creating a traffic environment that minimises risk, prevents injuries and reduces the load on the environment. It is Alltransport’s determined view that information and repeated training produce results.

We place great emphasis on our road safety work

Our road safety work remains an obvious area of focus. Driving at the right speed saves lives and reduces the impact on the environment. Alltransport therefore works systematically to promote speed compliance. The targets are monitored through continuous measurement, and are shown on the Target Board.

Our own driver’s manual

For a number of years, Alltransport has published a driver’s manual, the main purpose of which is to describe the procedures to ensure that the services are performed correctly. Aspects of our road safety work can also be found in the driver’s manual. A new version is produced whenever there are any changes to our operation or the law, thus ensuring that the driver’s manual contains the correct information. The emphasis in the current version is on areas such as responsibility, role models, the environment, alcohol and drugs, and more.

Alltransport is continuing to strengthen its road safety work. The company will work by focusing on approaches and attitudes to road safety issues, but it will also coordinate and integrate efforts on work environment issues.

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